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Jackson Family Playground

Pratt PTO is excited to partner with the Prospect Park Neighborhood Association to memorialize the first Black family to reside in the Prospect Park neighborhood.

In 1908, Madison and Amy Woods Jackson moved into their new brick home in Minneapolis’ Prospect Park neighborhood. They had three young daughters: Marvel, Helen and Zelma. The Jacksons were African American. Their neighbors were white. At this time, only 2,700 black people lived in Minneapolis. And until the Jacksons moved into their home, none lived in Prospect Park.

The story of the Jackson family and countless others is a bitter reality of the injustice and inequality that was common practice for far too long in our city.

By erecting this memorial playground in the Jackson family name, we commit, as a community, to stand with one another in the face of oppression, discrimination, and injustice. TOGETHER we can and we will be the examples our children need and deserve to become compassionate and concientious global thinkers. 

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